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Distinctive design keeps water brand looking cool

Article-Distinctive design keeps water brand looking cool

Distinctive design keeps water brand looking cool
Icelandic Glacial water

Icelandic Glacial waterFew places on earth are as clean and pristine as the Olfus Spring, nestled in the glacial mountains of Iceland. The steepness of the snow-capped peaks, frigid temperatures, and the government's restriction on farming and building in the immediate area all ensure that the spring and its surroundings remain pure.


Reflecting that purity is Icelandic Glacial, a brand of water owned by Icelandic Water Holdings, the only firm with rights to tap into the spring. The design of the bottles-available in a range of sizes-evokes Iceland's frozen landscape, with the top portion resembling the jagged surface of a mountain glacier. The PET bottles are blown onsite to reduce handling and environmental impact, and to improve the operation's overall efficiency. The company fills its bottles in a cleanroom atmosphere, which helps protect the water's purity by ensuring it remains unexposed to outside air until the cap is removed by the consumer at its final destination. The 8-color labels are produced by Fuji Seal in France, and the cartons are crafted by two companies: Smurfit Kappa Group in Denmark and Oddi in Iceland.


The pure, natural image put forth by the packaging is more than just mere appearance. Icelandic Glacial bottles are 100 percent recyclable, the outer cartons are composed of 75 percent recycled materials and, in 2008, the company reduced its PET preform weight. Further, the bottling plant runs on hydroelectric power, enabling the company to boast a lowered CO2 emission and helping it attain status as a CarbonNeutral certified operation.


Icelandic Glacial is distributed and sold in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the U.K., Russia and China.


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