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DreamSoft tissue boxes help soothe in a new way



Global Tissue Group glow in the dark box

Global Tissue Group (GTG), one of the largest consumer private label paper manufacturers in the U.S., has introduced DreamSoft, a new line of Glow in the Dark facial tissue boxes. 

With improvements in packaging technology, innovation continues to flourish at GTG. These new Glow in the Dark facial tissue boxes will ignite the imagination of both the young and old with boxes that glow luminously in the dark for hours. 

Global Tissue Group has created innovative facial box designs to capture the imagination and maximize the glowing appearance. This new line of packaging can provide a touch of ambience to a darkened room and is suitable for children's rooms to provide extra comfort at bedtime. Both children and adults will enjoy the relaxing glow of DreamSoft tissue boxes as they fall asleep. 

Global Tissue Group continues to grow as a leader in creativity and innovation within the private label category as a low-cost provider of high-quality private-label paper products for all retail channels.

The days of searching for your facial tissue box in the dark or the need to turn on a light are over. These Dreamsoft tissue boxes with Glow in the Dark designs are not only fun but practical—so sweet dreams to everyone.

Source: Global Tissue Group


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