General Mills Transforms Healthy Snacks

A packaging redesign for Good Measure bars and crisps highlights their “blood sugar-friendly” formulation, macronutrients, and flavor.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

April 18, 2024

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Good Measure 2024 redesign
Good Measure

At a Glance

  • A blood sugar-friendly seal on cartons and pouches flags the brand’s key feature.
  • The new package design aids brand discovery at retail.
  • Educational content on the carton’s back panel talks nutrition, in easy-to-understand language.

A recent packaging redesign for Good Measure, a better-for-you snack brand from General Mills’ venture studio G-Works, makes the brand easier to find on-shelf, differentiates the products from similar items, and highlights Good Measure’s blood sugar-friendly attribute.

The target consumer for Good Measure is anyone concerned with personal blood-glucose levels, including those with diabetes and prediabetes. The brand has been a pioneer in the blood sugar-friendly food category since launching in 2021.

Good Measure’s product line includes five stock-keeping units (SKUs) spread between two snack formats, Nut Butter Bars and Almond Crisps.


The new packaging design includes a novel blood sugar-friendly seal, a macronutrient lock-up noting five or fewer grams of net carbs and three or fewer grams of sugar, and refreshed product photos and ingredient cues to signal nutrient-rich ingredients and flavor. The graphics appear on Good Measure’s cartons and individual pouches.

“The transformation of Good Measure has been a remarkable journey. With a fresh color palette and enhanced appetite appeal, we’re excited to reintroduce our brand to consumers through our new packaging,” says Brittany Schou, general manager and cofounder of Good Measure.


The new design launched in March 2024 in the bar-and-cracker aisle in national grocery retailers, including Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, and CVS. Additionally, Good Measure products are available online at and Amazon.

 We asked Schou a few questions about the Good Measure brand and packaging redesign. Read on to learn the inside story.

Why did Good Measure redesign its packaging?

Schou: We are a consumer-first brand, and it was clear we needed to undergo a packaging redesign, or “glow-up,” to better convey our consumer solution and point of differentiation. Our new design prominently showcases the blood sugar-friendly qualities of our Nut Butter Bars and Almond Crisps on the front of the packaging. This strategic overhaul aligns with our commitment to offering blood sugar-friendly snack options while ensuring our products meet our consumers’ needs and catch their eye while browsing store aisles.


How did the color palette change in the redesign and why?

Schou: We opted for a richer blue to provide more contrast between the packaging and the product/ingredient photography, enhancing discoverability at shelf.

I’m intrigued by the blood sugar-friendly seal. How did that design element come about?

Schou: Good Measure is a pioneer in the blood sugar-friendly category and our packaging features a first-of-its-kind blood sugar-friendly seal to articulate Good Measure’s unique product benefits.


All Good Measure snacks contain five or fewer grams of net glycemic carbs for little impact on blood sugar, and the new seal invites blood sugar-conscious and carb-conscious consumers to say yes to snacking again.

Did Good Measure do any consumer research in the course of the redesign?

Schou: Absolutely! Consumer research played a crucial role in our redesign process. As a Caregiver brand archetype, Good Measure is dedicated to understanding consumers’ needs, preferences, and perceptions.

To gather insights, we conducted a series of focus groups and in-store aisle walks. During these sessions, we engaged participants in discussions about their shopping experiences and what products caught their eye on the shelf. We also presented several iterations of our new packaging designs to learn what resonated with consumers during the critical first moment of truth, and “blood sugar-friendly” consistently rose to the top. [Note: Read more about brand archetypes.]


What graphics and text are on the back of the carton and pouch?

Schou: While many are familiar with the concept of blood sugar, the term blood sugar-friendly and its meaning are new to consumers. As a result, we decided to use the back of our packaging as an educational tool.

We explain the three pillars of every product in our portfolio (“Always ≤5g Net Carbs,” “Blood Sugar-Friendly,” and “Amazing Taste”) with straightforward, easy-to-digest iconography and a simple formula for calculating net glycemic carbs, or carbs that impact blood sugar.


We were extremely intentional about the consumer experience with our packaging and worked hard to pay attention to every detail, including the top flap. While the back of pack is informational, the content is delivered like that of a trusted friend or advocate, a quality extremely close to our hearts here at Good Measure.

How have consumers reacted to the new packaging?

Schou: We introduced our new packaging at the Natural Products Expo West 2024, and the initial response was overwhelmingly positive. Expo attendees confirmed that the new design gave a clear and compelling visual of the consumer value we are providing. Our booth prominently featured the blood sugar-friendly seal, positioned front and center amidst our new, vibrant blue.


The reception from attendees was incredibly encouraging, and we’re eager to monitor ongoing consumer reactions. Our goal is to solidify blood sugar-friendly as synonymous with our brand identity –– if a food is made by Good Measure, it’s blood sugar-friendly –– and Expo West was just the beginning of this exciting journey.

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