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January 29, 2014

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Grain-free pet foods get vivid redesign for bagged, canned products




Canidae Pet Foods has launched two grain-free dry formulas for dogs: Canidae Grain Free pureSky and Canidae Grain Free pureLand. The launch of these products coincided with the introduction of redesigned packaging for the existing grain-free line of dog and cat food, which includes four meat-based diets-two for canines and two for felines. The ingredients and the products themselves remain unchanged. New Canidae Grain Free pureSky contains fresh duck combined with protein-rich turkey meal. Similarly, new Canidae Grain Free pureLand is made with fresh bison followed by protein-rich lamb meal. The new packaging line includes 5-, 15- and 30-lb bags.


When asked why the company changed its packaging, Frank Hon, director of operations for Canidae, says, "We wanted to honor the high-quality ingredients we put into every bag by creating a look that was pure and elegant. This innovative design will better communicate our message of superior grain-free nutrition and make these products more attractive on the retail shelf."


Canidae worked with Triffet Design Group to develop innovative packaging with a fresh, pure look for these two new products, as well as for the original Canidae grain-free foods. "Canidae wanted to update their packaging with a spacious new image, but we had to be careful because Canidae is a brand that people recognize," says owner Kurt Triffet.


The film for the bags was converted and printed by Hood Packaging Corp. The 15- and 30-lb bags are laminated 48-ga PET with 8-mil white sealant, while the 5-lb bags are laminated 56-ga polyvinylidene chloride with 4.5 mil white sealant. The bags are printed in a 7-color flexographic reverse-print process, with the print buried in the laminate layers to ensure it is protected. The printing is done on a 10-color press from Windmoeller & Holscher Corp.

The bags, which are a gusseted quad-seal style that can stand up or lay flat, are produced by Morris Packaging, a Native American minority-owned sales division of Hood Packaging. The bags are designed to be durable while containing heavy weights, so there is no easy-open tear strip. The package delivers high-end graphics and good barrier, and is resistant to punctures and spoilage. 

As the updated packaging arrives in the marketplace, consumers can expect to see new names for Canidae's original formulas. Canidae Grain Free All Life Stages will become Canidae pureElements and Canidae Grain Free Salmon will become Canidae pureSea. 

Existing Grain Free feline diets will also receive refreshed packaging and new names. Felidae Grain Free Cat and Kitten formula will become Felidae pureElements, while Felidae Grain Free Salmon formula will become Felidae pureSea. The new Felidae grain-free packaging began arriving at retailers immediately after the Canidae grain-free packaging was introduced in early 2011.

"We want to stress to our loyal consumers that, while they will soon see a beautiful new package at their local independent pet food store, we have not changed a single ingredient in any of our existing grain free formulas for dogs or cats. We just wanted our bags to be as great as what's inside," says Hon.

Following the introduction of new dry formula packaging for Canidae Grain Free for dogs and Felidae Grain Free for cats, Canidae will unveil a similar look for its grain-free canned products.



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