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How to create a unique design for a food container

While selecting any product over the other, the design and style of the packaging plays an important role and influences the purchasing decision of the customer, often not realized and understood by most of them though. A unique, smart and neat packaging is generally able to break the standard packaging rules which we are usually accustomed to when purchasing products—as these have the ability of grabbing our attention instantly. Creative and unique packaging gives the product a unique edge and helps it to stand out from all other products and hence gives a smart push to the product.

Why is it important to make the packaging unique? The answer is simple—we all wish to have something unique and any creative or innovative design which is different from all other catches our fancy at once. The main aim to create a smart and unique packaging is to appeal to the target market while conveying all important information related to quality and content of product and thereby creating a desired emotion in the minds of the customers.

Creative and unique design packaging does not necessarily require great talent or technical skills. It is all about your passion and style which comes through your innovative designs.

Have an appropriate design—Think about appropriateness when creating a unique design for your food container—one of the common concepts often ignored when thinking about creative containers. Just ask ‘why’ you want a design—is it for yourself or your client? When thinking about any packaging, style is essential but satisfying client’s needs is also crucial. Try to dismiss common designing trends and draw inspiration from something really unique. Green movement for instant is unique and with a bit of brainstorming you can come up with real creative designs. When you are creating unique designed containers you are definitely going to have sustainability in mind and this is what is going to give your product a big push.

Understand the needs of your customers—Understand the needs of your clients before moving ahead with designing, because it is not possible to design anything suitable for the clients, until you are well aware of what the client needs and you understand their problems. Food container designers need to address specific problems of the clients and should be able to solve their needs. It is good to do some research, understand the brand guidelines and know the mood brands well so that you are able to prepare the best containers for yourself. Your designed packaging is going to give your product a big push and help them catch the fancy of your customers. The more creative your design is the more eye-catching it is going to be.

Keep adapting—Creativity and innovation is possible only when you start adapting and progressing. Keep learning and adding designs to your portfolio—keep adapting to the latest trends and include them in your creative designs, which will add variety and freshness in every packaging design you create. This is the way to involve trends and refresh it completely with your own style and design.

Creative designing can never be restricted to new food container designing. If you have used containers at home and clueless on how to tackle these, you can simply reuse them in many creative ways. Used containers can be used in several ways with your innovation and passion.

Container gardening is one excellent way to recycle used containers creatively while adding to the greenery of your home décor. These containers are just perfect for seed planting and starter plants. Your container gardening gets perfect with glass jars, empty bottles of different sizes and shapes and jars of different sizes. Give the containers a fresh coat of paint or splash in some decorative ideas to make them attractive and you will have some simple gorgeous holding small pots for your herbs in your kitchen

Centrepieces—Used mason jars or glass containers make wonderful centrepieces as you fill these with beautiful white blooms. Have these all around your home and keep changing their positions—a fresh and smart way to decorate your home.

Storage purposes—Used glass jars and containers make excellent storage options in your kitchen or for storing your stationery in your home office. No matter what shape or size these containers are, you will always find them useful in someway or the other. In fact the more variety you have in terms of shape and design the better it is going to be as a decorative storage option. Be creative when using these containers —splash some bright cheerful colors, add some decorative scrap paper and twine beautiful ribbons for neat designer looks and they will be all ready to add to your home décor.

Designing creative food containers is all about passion and style—it needs to be done keeping in mind, your client requirements, latest trends, purpose of the containers and what product you are packaging. A bit of brainstorming and lots of creativity will certainly help you in having the best creative container.

Katherine Golovinova is the marketing manager of Allinpackaging creative packaging. She's always interested in new ideas and provides curious surveys regarding packaging around the world. Connect with her on Google+.

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