January 29, 2014

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Ice that's not frozen

Ice that's not frozen is being introduced by aquaICE, LLC. Hoping to capitalize on the $9-billion craze around bottled water, aquaICE™ is a brand new, patented product that seeks to stimulate growth in the $2-billion packaged-ice industry. The product is shelf-stable water in a sealed tray containing 10 cubes that is frozen by the consumer after it is purchased. It offers consumers a convenient new way to have pure, clean ice ready wherever and whenever they need it. “aquaICE™ brings bottled-water quality to ice in conveniently packaged ice-cube trays,” says founder and CEO, Peter Moenickheim. The patented aquaICE is a distinctive, unique, new product that meets growing consumer demand and leverages an important market trend—the continued growth and interest in pure water as a beverage of choice. The trays of aquaICE™ allow consumers to use ice in their beverages with confidence and assurance that there will be no off tastes, odor transfer or contamination. It's also suited for connoisseurs who don't want any off-tastes ruining their drinks. The company is also developing flavored and vitamin-enhanced versions of aquaICE. aquaICE is available in the Columbus, OH metro area and Toronto, Canada and will soon be in South Florida, Virginia/Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, PA, Connecticut, and Charlotte, NC. It can also be ordered on the company's web site for $8.99 for 10 pre-filled, sealed ice trays containing 10 cubes each.

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