Kids-pack of water plunges into the U.S. from Evian

March 11, 2015

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Kids-pack of water plunges into the U.S. from Evian

Evian Natural Spring Water, a brand of the Danone Group, hopes to make a splash in U.S. children's school lunch boxes with Evian les Petits, that it says is the first kids' pack of premium, natural spring water. Made at Evian's plant in Amphion, France, the 330-mL (1.98-oz) PET bottles are easy for children to hold. Unitized in a six-pack that's shrink-wrapped in colorfully-printed clear film, the bottles can fit neatly into a lunch bag and pair well with a healthy after-school snack.

With the active lifestyles many kids lead, it's critical that they quench their thirst with a healthy beverage instead of reaching for something sweetened, Evian states. Water is a great way to not only keep kids hydrated, but it can help lower their calorie intake. “It's an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children, and we want to help parents encourage their children to drink more of it,” says Jeff Caswell, vp of marketing for Evian North America. Evian created fun label graphic designs to complement the new bottles in the company's signature pink, blue and red color scheme, with illustrations of children and their parents in lively, on-the-go scenes as well as some images of colorful sea creatures in a bit of “kid-friendly flair.”

Priced at $5.49, the six-pack of bottles will be merchandised in stores across the country, such as Target and Safeway, as well as regional outlets like Fresh Direct, Publix, Ralphs, Jewel and Winn-Dixie.

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