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Korbel Introduces New Look for Packaging

Article-Korbel Introduces New Look for Packaging

Gold medal winning, Korbel California Brandy is redefining the category by unveiling upscale packaging for all of its signature California brandies. More complex than other premium spirits, it takes years to craft a quality brandy. The company feels the new packaging reflects the sophistication of what's inside.

Over three years of extensive consumer research led to the testing of more than 20 packaging designs in key markets throughout the U.S., in which there was only one clear winner. Seven out of eight brandy and cognac drinkers strongly preferred Korbel's new packaging -- arriving in stores this month. The design appealed to consumers who associate it with premium quality, striking elegance, confidence, and a more expensive image.

Crafted in a custom designed cognac bottle, Korbel's elegant new look is distinctively refined with a genuine California style. The artistic label depicts an etching of the Sonoma County chateau of Korbel Champagne Cellars, which features the Korbel brandy tower, and pays homage to the historic and rebellious founder, Francis Korbel, whose vision lives on today.

The artistic elements of this design were carefully chosen to convey a stronger sense of branding, and they prominently feature the F. Korbel & Bros. "FKB" insignia.

U.S. consumption of brandy and cognac is on an upward trend and is projected to continue to grow through 2015. As consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about premium spirits and discerning in their taste, Korbel California Brandy is taking the category seriously and is poised to shape America's perception of what a true California brandy can be.

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