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Minute Maid Harmonizes Packaging Worldwide

A brand refresh, which includes new package graphics, gives the various brands in Minute Maid’s global portfolio a consistent appearance on-shelf.

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The Coca-Cola Co. has completed a worldwide packaging redesign and brand refresh for its Minute Maid family of juices. The new packaging and a global ad campaign started rolling out in May 2023.

The brand is known by different names in 100-plus global markets, including Minute Maid in the United States, Cappy in Africa and Europe, and del Valle in Latin America.

The new, harmonized brand identity and refreshed packaging create, for the first time in the brand’s 77-year history, a consistent look and feel for the entire brand portfolio in all regions where the juices are sold.

Minute Maid’s brand mission emphasizes great taste and refreshment — and enabling consumers to stop, sip, and celebrate during their daily lives and at various times of day. The new brand identity speaks to this mission with a palette of upbeat, nature-inspired colors and attention-grabbing photography.

In addition, a flexible design system for packaging and other brand communications leverages ingredients, color, illustration, and product characteristics.

Coca-Cola executed the brand redesign in collaboration with agencies Jones Knowles Ritchie, Grey, VMLY&R, and Landor & Fitch.

Click through the slideshow to see the new packaging and elements of the design system.

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