Minute Rice migrates to the freezer case

March 11, 2015

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Minute Rice migrates to the freezer case
Minute Rice Minute Steamers


Minute Rice Minute Steamers

Riviana Foods Inc., the country's leading distributor of rice, debuts Minute Steamers in the frozen food section, adding to its extensive family of rice products. From freezer to plate in four minutes, the versatile Minute Steamers contains rice that is fully cooked in a convenient self-ventilated bag, making it ideal to serve perfectly cooked, exceptional quality rice any day and any time of the week. The new Minute Steamers also hit on noted Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert's 2012 Food Trends to Watch of eating at home to save money with the introduction of its four ingredient meals using the new product.


To meet the growing demand of consumers who want to create a quick, simple and affordable meal while preserving taste and quality, Minute Rice, the first to introduce instant rice to consumers in 1949, developed Minute Steamers, which heats in the microwave in its own steamable bag packaging in only four minutes. Available in six rice varieties including Whole Grain Brown Rice, White Rice and a variety of flavorful mixes such as Broccoli and Cheese Rice, Spanish Rice, Fried Rice and Brown & Wild Rice with Vegetables, and one pasta variety - Macaroni and Cheese, Minute Steamers delivers fresh, fluffy flavorful rice/pasta that complement existing family favorite recipes or serves as the base for simple and delicious meals.

"Making the right food choices can be a challenge for families. It's even more of a struggle when balancing a household and busy schedules," said Paul Galvani, Vice President, Marketing of Riviana. "Minute Steamers embodies our commitment to helping time-crunched families striving to put a homemade meal on the table and still deliver a meal that is healthful, affordable, convenient and flavorful."

Rice is often viewed as a staple everyone loves. Minute Steamers not only allows consumers to bring a great-tasting, complex carbohydrate to the table in a matter of minutes, but also when coupled with other affordable ingredients, can eliminate the stress from mealtime planning and preparation.


Minute Steamers helps shave off valuable time it often takes to cook rice from scratch on busy weeknights. To help make mealtime even easier, Minute Steamers offers "Four Ingredient Meals with Four-Minute Steamers," combining the product with common pantry staples such as protein, vegetables and sauces. The recipes deliver versatile, delicious meals that are approachable for less experienced cooks who still crave a homemade meal or foodies who want something quick, flavorful and satisfying.
Source: Riviana Foods Inc. www.riviana.com via PR Newswire

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