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Mrs. Butterworth's dresses up for spring

Linda Casey

March 11, 2015

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Mrs. Butterworth's dresses up for spring




Just in time for spring, Mrs. Butterworth's sports three newly outfitted limited-edition bottles. Each new label design features a different spring look that unlocks a different downloadable cut-out accessory collection online. There are a total of 20 downloadable accessories.


To download the accessory collection that matches each bottle purchase, go to www.Facebook.com/MrsButterworths and enter the code from the back of the bottle. Blank dress templates also are available at Mrs. Butterworth's Facebook page so everyone in the family can be a designer this season.


Families are encouraged to show off their creative designs by posting photos of their Mrs. Butterworth's fashion creations on her Facebook page. People who "like" Mrs. Butterworth's Facebook page can enter Mrs. Butterworth's "30 days of sweetness" giveaway for a chance to win the limited-edition bottles and a breakfast fun pack with items that help make breakfast a memorable family experience.

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