March 11, 2015

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New bottles tout juice's health benefits
Ribena Plus juices


Ribena Plus juices

Aesop, the brand storytelling agency, has created packaging for GSK's biggest drinks launch for 20 years, Ribena Plus, which goes on sale this week.


Its launch signals a new era for the market leading juice drink, with the addition of vitamins and minerals designed to slake consumers' thirst for added value, functional and healthy products. Ribena Plus Apple & Peach and Blackcurrant Immunity Support contain added vitamins A, C and E, while Apple & Raspberry and Mixed Berries contain added calcium for healthy bones.


Backed by a £6m marketing spend, Ribena Plus will be unmissable. Naturally it needed a fabulous new look that reflected its marriage of delicious fruity goodness with nutritional science, which is where Aesop comes in.


"The launch of Ribena Plus really moves the brand on in terms of boosting its health credentials. So with this design, we moved on Ribena's visual equities by introducing a healthy helix device that brings together both taste and refreshment and also suggests science and dynamism. It's the Ribena everyone loves, but credibly healthier," says Aesop executive creative director Martin Grimer.


"Aesop really challenged us to move beyond the boundaries of the existing visual assets associated with the brand in order to develop a design for Plus that signified this is something new and different from Ribena. The resulting design is one that still retains the quality and fruit goodness cues associated with Ribena, but also introduces an element of health and science to reflect the added health benefits that make it Ribena Plus," comments Hannah Norbury, group brand manager, Ribena.


Ribena Plus is designed to target two key audiences: young women and mums trying to get added goodness and health benefits into their families. Extensive research has been undertaken to ensure the health benefits and flavours used are the most relevant and the ones with highest consumer appeal. It comes in cordial and ready to drink in a range of formats, including bottles and tetrapaks.


Source: Aesop

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