New coded labels let Kroger salads give more info

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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New coded labels let Kroger salads give more info
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As shoppers become more interested in the nutrition, originand quality of the food they purchase, The Kroger Co.has teamed with HarvestMark, the leading system in food traceability, to givecustomers an easy way to learn more about where the produce used in Krogersalads was grown.


Fresh Selections by Kroger are quality, pre-washedready-to-serve packaged salads available in produce departments in Kroger'sfamily of stores. Priced from $.99 to $4.99, depending on the variety and themarket, Kroger's Fresh Selections are the only salads with HarvestMarktechnology sold in the


Each bag carries a 16-digit code shoppers can enter to learn more about the salad's origin, packing location,ingredients, date and time the product was packed. Customers can also offertheir feedback on the product.


"Kroger continues to be a leader in offering customersinnovative food safety tools and resources," said Joe Grieshaber, groupvice president of Kroger's meat, seafood, deli and produce departments.Kroger's partnership with HarvestMark follows industry-leading notificationsystems Kroger established two years ago to notify customers of certain productrecalls. Earlier this year, Kroger-owned stores launched a "SafeGrilling" campaign to remind customers about the four keys to safegrilling: Chill, Clean, Separate and Cook.


"Food safety is a top priority at Kroger. Ourpartnership with HarvestMark makes it easy for customers who are interested tolearn more about the food they purchase for themselves and their families.Kroger is committed to helping our customers prepare safe and delicious mealsfor their families," Grieshaber said. "We look forward to continuingto offer our customers innovative and affordable food safety technology."



SOURCE: The Kroger Co.



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