New Domino Sugar Pack Hits Sweet Spot

Rigid plastic packaging for granulated sugar offers numerous ease-of-use and sustainability benefits.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

April 2, 2024

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  • Domino’s new rectangular tub is easy to open, scoop from, and store
  • The package uses 28% less plastic than Domino’s previous round canister
  • Additional sustainability features include recyclability and a refillable design

Domino Sugar is making life sweeter for home bakers with a new 3.5-lb package for granulated sugar called the Easy Baking Tub.

As the name implies, ease of use is a key attribute of the polypropylene (PP) package. The rectangular tub is easy to scoop from, and consumers can level a scoop of sugar by using the edge of the open lid. Plus, the rigid package is easy to stack and store.

The tub’s lid is designed with an easy-open feature, as well: A tamper-evident pull tab with opening strip. After product use, the lid clicks closed to confirm secure fastening.

The surface-printed package features translucent windows on the front panel and one side, to show consumers when they’re running low on sugar.

Domino’s Easy Baking Tub also offers sustainability benefits, using 28% less plastic than the company’s previous round 4-lb canister. In addition to reducing materials use, the tub offers shipping efficiencies vs. the round canister thanks to the lightweighting and rectangular footprint.

Refilling and reuse add to the tub’s sustainability profile. To limit plastic-packaging waste, consumers can buy paper bags of granulated sugar as refills and use the tub as a semi-permanent storage canister. Or they can repurpose the tub to store other goods.

Additionally, the tub is recyclable in communities that recycle PP. The How2Recycle Check Locally Label appears on a side panel, directing consumers to determine whether the package can be recycled in their community.

Domino also uses the Easy Baking Tub for Domino Golden Sugar, a product that is less processed than white granulated sugar, and for its C&H brand of granulated sugar, which is sold primarily in the Western United States.

A spot check at a leading grocery chain in the greater Chicago area revealed a price of $6.49 for Domino granulated sugar in the new 3.5-lb tub vs. $3.99 for a conventional 2-lb paper bag of the same product. Based on these prices, sugar in the plastic tub is actually cheaper by the pound than sugar in the paper bag.

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