New wet wipes packaging solutions from Perimeter

Posted by Kari Embree

March 11, 2015

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New wet wipes packaging solutions from Perimeter
Perimeter Packaging Solutions



Perimeter Packaging Solutions


Perimeter Brand Packaging announces the launch of three new wipes packaging solutions that are designed to prevent wipes dry-out, stand out at retail and provide consumers with appealing on-the-go solutions. Beginning with a series of consumer insights studies focusing on both personal care and hard surface cleaning wipes, Perimeter has developed several new wipes packaging solutions.


"After surveying the current wipes solutions in-market and finding a lack of differentiation in wipes packaging, we came up with these three unique solutions," says Steve Callahan, president of Perimeter Brand Packaging. "We aimed to solve some major problems that we learned consumers were facing in their current wipes experience as well as improving the on-shelf presence at retail."


Perimeter has spent the last year creating and refining wipes solutions in both personal care, such as skin care towelettes, and hard surface cleaning categories. The research led to three unique packaging solutions: Pebble, Standup and Webster. All three solutions leverage existing moisture-retaining technology from Perimeter and will help prevent dry-out.


"We've been working in the wet wipes industry with a leading CPG for over ten years," says Callahan. "It's time we bring the technical knowledge we already have about moisture sealing, and pair that with features that consumers want from wipes packaging."



Pebble was designed after discovering that many female consumers negatively associated the current packaging of beauty wipes with baby wipes. Pebble is a sleek, on-the-go case that fits in the palm of your hand. With a packaging silhouette reminiscent of the classic cosmetic compact shape, it will easily fit into a purse or pocket. The polypropylene packaging solution is easily refillable and has an airtight seal that keeps the wipes wetter longer.



While many current on-shelf packaging solutions for wipes require a piece of secondary packaging to allow the product to stand up on the shelf in-store, Standup is a wipes dispenser that independently stands up, eliminating the need for secondary packaging. Also, the off-center dispenser offers an easier way for the consumer to pull out the wipes. In a size and configuration that's easier to store, Standup is a flexible pouch with a polypropylene fitment on one end.


Webster is a dual-dispensing, clutch-style wet wipes packaging solution. It can be used to double the wipes capacity of a current packaging offering, or can be used to provide consumers with two different types of wipes that may be frequently used together - like a facial skin care wipe and an eye makeup remover wipe. The solution is made from flexible material with a polypropylene fitment that allows the product to stand up on-shelf, also eliminating the need for secondary packaging.


These new mini-wipes solutions are the newest additions to Perimeter's growing platform of products. Pebble was created under the On the Go product platform, and Standup and Webster are the first two products to be released under the company's newest platform called Fusion. The Fusion technology platform combines flexible and rigid packaging together to offer an improved consumer experience. It was also launched by Perimeter this month.


Source: Perimeter Brand Packaging




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