April 2, 2015

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Packaging Design: Lafe's Natural Bodycare redesigns deodorant

Lafe's Natural Bodycare, which has provided health-conscious consumers an effective and healthy alternative to antiperspirants since 1992, announced it has reformulated and rebranded its line of deodorants. An important part of this effort is a redesigned package that emphasizes the product’s healthful ingredients.

The new packaging features a semi-transparent, natural-look plastic intended to reinforce the cleaner and greener improvements to Lafe’s product line.  Company founder Lafe Larson noted that the new packaging "reflects our continued commitment to making high-quality, certified organic personal care products."

The product line features 22 varieties of deodorant roll-ons, sprays, sticks, stones, and footsprays -- twelve of which are more than 70 percent USDA NOP (National Organic Program) certified organic. Other products in the line, including glycerin-based twist sticks (with 97 percent natural ingredients) and deodorant stones made from mineral salts, offer consumers additional, natural personal care options.

"The new formulations of our deodorants, with higher percentages of organic ingredients across the line, improve upon the premium quality products we've been offering our customers for years," said Larson. "The 70 percent threshold is an important one in organic certification; we're the only national brand to have such a large selection of deodorants meeting this standard of quality."

According to the company, Lafe's deodorants are free of parabens, propylene glycerol, aluminum chlorhydrate, mineral oil, petroleum-based ingredients, artificial fragrances, and synthetic preservatives. The products contain natural antibacterial agents as well as certified organic ingredients like hemp oil, aloe vera, and essential oils.

Lafe's also offers additional incentive for customers -- 1 percent of its profits are donated to breast cancer education and prevention.

The company’s products, including a soon-to-be-released line of baby products and the forthcoming joi organics line of products for women -- are available at a number of stores in the U.S. and Canada specializing in organic products.



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