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Packaging design: M13's new aluminum bottlePackaging design: M13's new aluminum bottle

April 2, 2015

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Packaging design: M13's new aluminum bottle


Juice maker M13 has introduced a new line of health beverages, packaged in understated, sophisticated looking aluminum bottles from CCL Container.

"We did an extensive search to find the right package," said Neil Simonton, marketing director for M13. "CCL Container was the only company that met our requirements in terms of package aesthetics and recyclability, and they worked with us very closely to overcome the many challenges associated with a new product launch."

When M13 management was asked why they put their new line of healthy-living beverages in aluminum bottles, several functional reasons were cited. One consideration was opacity. The makers of M13 needed to protect their juice from UV light, keeping it fresh on the shelf without the need for chemical preservatives. They also favored the lightweight durability of aluminum, allowing consumers to take their product anywhere without risk of breakage or spillage. Then there was the matter of renewability. Simonton added, "Aluminum has the highest recycling rate of any beverage packaging material."

The right look

Beyond functionality, the aesthetic advantages of aluminum bottles also factored into M13's package selection. According to Simonton, "We set out to make M13 the functional beverage brand of choice for discerning consumers, and our aluminum bottles have helped us achieve that positioning. We like the look and feel of matte-finish aluminum, and it has given our brand a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace."

The development process was not without its challenges, Simonton noted. "We kept pushing the envelope in order to produce the most distinctive package possible. CCL's technical team never lost patience. They came up with creative solutions to meet our particular package requirements at every turn."

Functional juice straddles several beverage categories, so it competes for consumer dollars on a number of fronts, including antioxidant juice beverages and energy drinks. "We feel our packaging is and will continue to be an integral part of M13's success," Simonton added. "Feedback so far has been extremely favorable. People tell us they like the clean, utilitarian look and the matte finish. We've even been invited to enter the bottle in a global packaging design competition."

The three products in the new M13 line are initially being distributed in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and L.A. All three beverages infuse locally grown antioxidant fruit juice with ancient Chinese healing herbs and essential vitamins. One delivers a powerful energy boost using natural caffeine derived from yerba mat leaf. Another focuses on caffeine-free energy support and daily health maintenance. The third is said to naturally relieve body tension and stress while neutralizing toxins within the body.

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