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PET bottles for imported French vodka

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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PET bottles for imported French vodka

White Rock Distilleries, Lewiston, MA, has expanded the use of PET in its Pinnacle line of imported French vodka by introducing a 375-mL replica bottle from Amcor PET Packaging. “For an upscale brand like ours, the ability to retain our premium look and realize a cost advantage was a win-win situation,” says Joseph Werda, White Rock director of operations.

The 375-mL bottle, which mimics the look of the 1.75-L bottle that was introduced in 2006, provides a sleek, new-age look with tapered pedestal design, footed base and tapered body in a translucent blue color. The 44.5g custom bottle also provides a glass-like appearance, just like the 1.75-L container. Besides its light weight and break resistance, other advantages over glass include 50 percent lower mold costs and a 50 percent lower minimum bottle run.

An interesting feature is the metal ROPP (roll-on pilfer proof) closure, which is uncommon in PET. Amcor engineers worked to optimize the design, so the bottle has high topload strength, allowing the use of the metal closure, which matches the rest of the Pinnacle brand look.

The 375-mL Pinnacle imported vodka is available nationally. White Rock Distilleries is a leading manufacturer and importer of fine spirits and liqueurs. The company operates a state-of-the-art facility on 10 acres in Lewiston.


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