Pharmaceutical vial filler is fast, accurate, flexible

Pan Demetrakakes

July 19, 2018

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Pharmaceutical vial filler is fast, accurate, flexible
New flexible filler can fill from the bottom up, from half-way up or from above.

New equipment for filling pharmaceutical vials promises to bring the best of technology to bear on speed, accuracy, quality control and other considerations vital to the healthcare industry.

The Dara HSL-PP/4 is a high-speed aseptic filling and closing machine for pharmaceutical vials, from the NJM division of ProMach. It’s capable of filling up to 200 vials per minute, from 0.1 to 200 milliliters in liquids and from 2to 1,500 milligrams in powders.

The HSL-PP/4’s benefits include:

• Accuracy: It can fill with +/-1% accuracy when equipped with peristaltic pumps, or +/-0.5% accuracy with stainless steel or ceramic rotary piston pumps.

• Filling flexibility: It can be set to fill with nozzles lowered to the bottom of the containers, half way up or from above. No-tool changeovers, of filling heads or other components, can be completed in 15 minutes.

• Sealing flexibility: Closure options include full or lyo-depth stopper insertion (for lyophilized products), optional vacuum-assisted stopper insertion to reduce oxygen in the headspace, and optional gas flushing.

• Quality control: Eight checkweighing stations confirm fill accuracy. Inspection systems check for missing or raised stoppers. The closing station features a servo-driven tangential rolling head to minimize particulate generation and maximize sealing results. A vacuum starwheel reject device removes non-compliant vials while maintaining production speed with virtually no false rejects.

• Automation: The system is fully servo-driven for fast changeover and easy adaptability to new vial sizes and other parameters. Machine functions are controlled through Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLCs and accessed through a Beckhoff Automation 12-inch touchscreen that runs an easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI). All product parameters can be programmed into the PC, including dosing volumes, dosing speeds, kinematics of the filling system, adjustment of automatic feeders and output.

Other options for the HSL-PP/4 include equipment for sterile or cleanroom applications, including laminar air flow, open or closed restricted-access barrier system, or a high-containment isolator system; clean- and sterilization-in-place; automatic or manual denesting units; integration with an upstream washer and depyrogenation tunnel for continuous automated infeed, and more.

The HSL-PP/4 will be introduced in Booth W-703 at this year’s Healthcare Packaging Expo (Oct. 14-17; Chicago), to be held in conjunction with Pack Expo.


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