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Planet Green Bottle Corp. unveils oxo-biodegradable PET bottle

148030-green_girl.jpgPlanet Green Bottle Corp. is introducing what is claims is the world's first oxo-biodegradable PET plastic bottle. Planet Green is hosting due diligence presentations to various brand owners and investment professionals in New York City touting the bottle. Planet Green in partnership with Wells Plastics (www.wellsplastics.com).

Patrick Rooney, cofounder and director of Planet Green's corporate development states, "Plastic bottles are becoming hated by the public most of whom now deeply care about the environment. The University of Washington and more recently Winnipeg have banned the sale of plastic water bottles on campus. Once the public realizes that we can cause plastic to return to nature they will again discover that plastic is good. Only 10 tablespoons from the average barrel of oil are used to make PET plastic bottles. PET plastic bottles save 50 percent of fuel costs on transportation if substituted for a glass bottle. "

The Planet Green says its "revertable" or oxo-biodegradable bottle represents a paradigm shift that will eventually face the three largest beverage/water companies that distribute 75 percent of all PET plastic bottles and force them to incorporate oxo-biodegradability into their recycling strategies. "Planet Green is currently cooperating with one of the Big Three beverage companies on an oxo-biodegradable solution," adds Rooney.

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