Produce supplier launches new packaging for summer promo

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Produce supplier launches new packaging for summer promo



Produce supplier Tanimura & Antle is gearing up for salad season with new packaging and promotions designed to drive sales and meet market demands from trade and consumer audiences. The company has recently launched its Summer Fun Sweepstakes with Artisan Lettuce, Romaine and Boston Lettuce to support category sales during the key period of May through July.


 Now Tanimura & Antle is re-introducing their Field Fresh Wrapped Leaf Lettuce in new colorful bags that include a QR (Quick Read) code that links directly to a series of videos showing lettuce being harvested and packaged right in the field. (Bilingual versions of these Wrapped Leaf Lettuce bags will be introduced later this Summer.) Also coming soon is a baseball-themed package for iceberg lettuce that cross promotes its successful Artisan Red Onions-and includes an easy-to-prep recipe on the label.


 Each of these programs is in direct response to consumer preferences* and retailers requests for produce that has superior freshness with protective packaging that carries product information. Delivering on its reputation for innovation in the lettuce category, Tanimura & Antle is ready to showcase its new leaf lettuce packaging and supporting video that demonstrates the company's growing practices and commitment to freshness and safety.

 "We often have our retail partners tour the Tanimura & Antle fields and listen to their amazement when they experience exactly how our product is field-packed by hand, directly into protective packaging and then into shipping cartons. The most effective way for us to tell this story to shoppers is with video that brings them right into the field with us," commented Diana McClean, director of marketing. The videos are also available at


Tanimura & Antle introduced Field Fresh Wrapped Leaf Lettuce 10 years ago, calling it "Shrink Wrap" because of how the film is shrunk around the base of the lettuce. "Our new name for this category more accurately describes this product and emphasizes the freshness benefit of this packaging," commented Ms. McClean. "The eye-catching color differentiation between the leaf varieties, plus the use of video to offer more product information in real time, are specific requests from Tanimura & Antle's trade partners. The Field Fresh Wrapped Leaf Lettuce product line includes five leafy green commodities; Romaine Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Endive and Escarole," she noted.


"Our field research revealed that this packaging-when compared to naked leaf-increases shelf life by 11 days and reduces shrink (waste) in the Produce Departments an average of 20%. These are two very compelling benefits the Field Fresh Wrapped Leaf Lettuce program brings to both consumer and retailers," explained Rick Antle, CEO. "The addition of the video series and the QR code on the packaging emphasizes just how fresh these products are and conveys the limited about of handling they experience throughout the harvest and packaging process. This is critical in distinguishing our products from processed varieties."


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