Products of the Year Ranked by Packaging Design

It’s one thing to gain Product of the Year recognition, but how do PoY winners stack up with online shoppers? Artificial intelligence reveals the packaging design winners.

Jehan Hamedi, Founder and CEO

April 28, 2021

13 Slides

The Product of the Year award is the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, with 40,000 consumers casting their votes for the best products in different categories.

But with shoppers spending less time in the supermarket than ever, which products are designed to thrive on the online digital shelf?

Vizit, “the world's first Visual Intelligence company,” did just using the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image analysis software on all 41 of the 2021 Product of the Year award winners. The winners were as analyzed through the lens of three major retailer audiences — Amazon, Walmart, Target— to determine the most visually effective product and packaging designs.

The highest scoring products for each retailer audience were then compared to the top 100 selling products in their respective categories to determine the effectiveness of product design compared to the broader category.

Key takeaways:

  • Vizit’s AI reveals the best products of 2021 are also the most visually effective;

  • The highest scoring product images for retailer audiences also dominate their categories, outscoring 97% of competitors’ images on the digital shelf.

The slideshow gallery shows the top two visual winners and Top 100-in-category results for each retailer, starting with the clear frontrunner that led them all.

About the Author(s)

Jehan Hamedi

Founder and CEO, Vizit

Jehan Hamedi is the Founder and CEO of Vizit. With more than a decade of experience in computational social science and artificial intelligence (AI), Hamedi’s innovations have led to important advances in AI and computer vision, consumer insights, and ecommerce, resulting in eight patents and an award-winning software platform. Before launching Vizit, Hamedi led growth and innovation for Crimson Hexagon (acquired by Brandwatch), working with leading global brands, retailers, technology, and media companies, including Google, Twitter, Walgreens, Toyota, and Paramount Pictures.

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