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Purex PowerShot closure makes detergent dosing easy and exact

Measuring a dose of concentrated liquid laundry detergent can be a bit of a guessing game. To help consumers measure the correct amount each time, Henkel Corp. created an auto-dosing packaging design for its new Purex PowerShot detergent.

When the consumer turns the bottle upside down, the closure automatically fills with 1 ounce of detergent—just the right amount for one normal load of laundry. For large and extra-dirty loads, Henkel suggests using two doses. The bottle holds 45 fluid ounces of “super concentrated” detergent.

When consumers use a Purex PowerShot bottle for the first time, they need to prime the package’s auto-dose mechanism by inverting the unopened bottle. After that, to use the product they simply open the flip-top lid, invert the bottle and release a dose of product into the washer or detergent tray. The next dose is automatically filled into the auto-dosing chamber when the bottle is inverted while dispensing the previous dose.

A round label on top of the closure provides icon-and-text directions for using the package, with a caution to point the lid away from the face when opening it. The closure refills automatically and, according to Henkel, without making a mess.

The product’s translucent plastic bottle helps consumers gauge how much product remains in the package, and the translucent closure lets them see that a dose of detergent is waiting in the auto-dosing chamber.

Purex PowerShot detergent launched in early 2015 and is available in two fragrances: Mountain Breeze and Linen & Lilies.

Its closure concept is reminiscent of the smart dosing, auto-stop cap developed by Procter & Gamble for bottles of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and other concentrated cleaning products. P&G’s smart dosing closure, which delivers pre-measured doses of five to 50 milliliters when the consumer squeezes the bottle, won a gold award in the 2014 DuPont Packaging Awards competition.

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