Retail food trends may impact package design

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Retail food trends may impact package design


As the retail food scene changes over time, package design needs to evolve, too, to take advantage of new opportunities. The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) recently polled its members—retail grocers and supermarket managers—on what they predict for 2008. The results appeared in early December in a SmartBrief Special Report.

Food safety will remain a significant issue for consumers, the entire food industry and government, the report notes. Industry initiatives should make food recalls faster and more efficient. Congress will be asked to pass laws addressing food safety, and lawmakers will consider measures to combat organized retail crime. Discussions will likely continue about food from cloned animals.

While the FMI members ranked food safety as the issue that had the greatest impact on their company during 2007, more than 40 percent of them voted organic foods as the issue that will grow in importance in 2008. Also mentioned are private-label brands, prepared foods, in-store marketing and niche marketing.

Food safety emerges again, however, as the dominant legislative issue the industry will face during this year. Seventy percent of FMI survey respondents voted for that topic, but another 20 percent cited country-of-origin labeling. Organized retail crime came in very low on the list.

Grocers were also asked what new features they are likely to introduce this year. An in-store nutritionist and nutrition counseling came in highest, at 30 percent. Also mentioned are on-premises medical clinics, sit-down cafes or restaurants, cooking classes and online shopping capabilities. Niche marketing is also growing, with emphasis on ethnic, organic, nutritious and gourmet foods. All of these trends leave plenty of room for package designers to tap into consumer appeal and demand.

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