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Salt of the Earth Bakery crafts new packaging




Salt of the Earth cookies


Salt of the Earth Bakery is relaunching its artisan baked goods in fresh new structure and design worthy of these supremely delicious treats. The Bakery turned to branding partner Little Big Brands to lead the effort.


Salt of the Earth Bakery creations are unique in that each product is paired with the finest sea salts from around the world. Equally unique now is their packaging structure. Both cookies and brownies are housed in a custom craft box that hinges similar to a jewel box. It also features a large die-cut window on top where the product is visible. The brand identity was cleaned up, given a more organic font, and depth and dimension added to the mark. Vibrant colors contrast the craft paper and are painted on the top and sides, with solid color peeking out from the bottom panels of the box. Typography was chosen to reflect the handcrafted nature of the product.


Each product features a unique name and description on front of pack that speaks to the playful nature of the brand. Take for instance, "The Wild Oat: A Very Adult Oatmeal Raisin. A Luscious oatmeal cookie with voluptuous raisins, a slap of aromatic spices and a kiss of Bali Rama sea salt. Napkin optional." Or perhaps you'd prefer, "The OMGCB: Holy Mother of Brownie. A sweet assault of decadent chocolate brownie with rivers of handcrafted caramel and French sea salt. Damn!"


"We're thrilled to have packaging that now truly reflects the heart and soul of our brand and all the love that goes into each cookie and brownie we bake," says Alexandra Joseph Rabbani, executive chef, Salt of the Earth Bakery.



"Rebranding the best cookies and brownies on the planet was no easy task. When you try them, you'll understand why our inspiration was to make each box into a piece of art," says John Nunziato, creative director, Little Big Brands.



The cookies come in five flavors: The Cookie, The Chocoholic, The Wild Oat, The Good & Evil, and The Heavenly Oat. The brownies come in five flavors as well: The Brownie, The Kona, The Mayan, The OMGCB and The Nutty One. They are currently sold in fine food and natural food stores throughout New York and New Jersey with aggressive plans to expand throughout the East Coast.


Source: Little Big Brands (LBB)



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