See-Worthy Bottles from the Sea

When it comes to bottle decoration and packaging design, it’s hard to top nature’s handiwork...and other seafloor surprises worth a look.

February 28, 2022

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Image courtesy of Alexandr Malyshev/Alamy Stock Photo

Numerous brands have a storied history of filling water into bottles. But the real magic happens when that process is reversed and bottles are dropped into sea water.

We’ve gathered a couple examples of bottles that, either intentionally or by happenstance, ended up on the sea bed including a coral-encrusted bottle that made its way to a beer museum in a small Wisconsin town and an amazing find in a World War I shipwreck.

What piqued my interest in this topic in first place was the discovery that there’s such a thing as underwater wine cellars.

I had the same reaction: what? And why? Turns out that the aging process that occurs inside the bottle versus standard cellar storage provides more texture in a shorter time. The mysterious internal process is matched by the wondrous process that enhances the bottle exterior. It's also astonishing that Amazon has a patent on an underwater it planning for rising seal levels or what? 

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And another example of the amazing results of nature-made decoration: winery boasts unique bottles stored in first underwater-artificial reef winery in the world.

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7 months in the drink later…

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The lively box design pairs nicely with the bottle's natural embellishment.

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My favorite example of under-the-sea bottle artwork is found in the impressive displays of brewing and beer history at the Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, WI, which is the nation’s second oldest brewery. The bottle on display originally belonged to the Bartholomay Brewing Co., Rochester, NY, which operated from 1876 to 1933. The bottle was plucked from the Atlantic off the coast of Florida before winding up in a Hollywood, FL, antique store where it was purchased by the brewery. The full watery tale is found in the 2019 post, Nature’s Artistic Beer Bottle.

Amazing White Coral Covered Bottle

There’s surprisingly not much sea-induced patina on these bottles, but the fact that bottled liquor survived a WW I torpedoed ship sinking and 100 years on the sea floor is incredible.

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On a related note and for those who seek a little more exotic adventure, you can dine underwater while staying dry…may I suggest while enjoying a bottle of dry wine?

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