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Stackable cubes create a handy paint packageStackable cubes create a handy paint package

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Stackable cubes create a handy paint package


V33 creates three types of eye-catching paint that consumers cannot pass by. France's family company V33 really stand out on shelves. Yann Garnier, industrial manager of V33, underlines that, when it comes to DIY tasks, women prefer to paint rather than to carry out heavy duties. So he is confident that many handy women appreciate the small size of the SuperCube container and the option to hold it in just one hand.


"Creating a new design that reflected the new technology and the special qualities of the paint was of particular importance to us," says Garnier. "This particular range comes in two commercial sizes: 2L and 0.75L.


The small, rectangular plastic container is the SuperCube from RPC Superfos (superfos.com).The black lid comes with an integrated, handy grip for easy carrying. In terms of transport and warehouse optimization, the rectangular SuperCube also offers advantages as it is easy to stack, full or empty. Garnier concludes, "We are happy with key figures for sales, and it has been a pleasure to work with RPC Superfos. All along the packaging and design process, we have been met with an active, creative and innovative approach."



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