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Superior Farms' cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb targets holiday meals

Article-Superior Farms' cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb targets holiday meals

Superior Farms' cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb targets holiday meals
Shoppers didn't buy lamb because they didn't know how to prepare it. So Superior Farms came up with a fool-proof way to cook lamb. The lamb legs, which weigh approximately 5 lbs, include a pop-up timer and are vacuum sealed in a bag that is read

Shoppers didnSuperior Farms hopes to entice American's to try lamb for the first time this Easter with a cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb. Using new packaging technology, new flavors and demonstrations and samples across the country, the company aims to show that lamb is easy and delicious.


"We conducted focus groups, which gave us a lot of insight as to why shoppers are hesitant to pick up lamb. About a third of shoppers have never even tried it," says Gary Pfeiffer, vp of sales for Superior Farms. "So our flavor experts and packaging experts came together to give shoppers what they need—a fool-proof way to cook lamb. And as a traditional meal for Easter, there wasn't a better time to launch the product."


The lamb legs, which weigh approximately 5 lbs and are boneless, include a pop-up timer and are vacuum sealed in a netted bag that is ready to go in the oven. This method allows the cut to retain its moisture and marinate while it cooks, which keeps the meat tender and juicy. An outer gussetted bag will be used for dynamic graphics, nutritional information and easy-to-follow cooking instructions. The flavor profile was kept simple and used classic ingredients for lamb, including rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper.


Although preparation of lamb is similar to other cuts of meat like beef, shoppers in the focus groups expressed their need for assurance that they would be able to prepare lamb at home. Accompanying the new product launch will be demonstrations in many retail locations the week before Easter.


"We are confident that this product will create new lamb lovers," says Pfeiffer. "And who knows, maybe they'll want to cook this product for their families all year!"


Since 1963, Superior Farms has provided the freshest and most wholesome lamb and veal products available. With six manufacturing and distribution centers located across the country, Superior is committed to offering cutting edge packaging and product solutions to their retail and foodservice customers. Superior Farms is an employee-owned company with its corporate office located in Davis, CA.


Source: Superior Farms



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