Supermarket tempts thirsty consumers with lemonade line

Linda Casey

March 11, 2015

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Supermarket tempts thirsty consumers with lemonade line
weis lemonade



weis lemonade

Weis Markets has launched a line of lemonades in clear PET carafes. With the introduction, Weis Markets joins a sweeping transformation of the refrigerated juice section with many beverages moving from traditional paperboard-based gable-top cartons to clear carafes.


"We have a best in class private brand program," Bruno Garisto, Weis Markets' director of private brands, remarks. "As this category moves to PET carafes, we wanted to give our customers the products in the packaging they want. Our new PET carafes showcase the quality of our lemonades and level the playing field with the national brands. It's also a sustainable package, which reinforces our commitment to reducing our overall impact on the environment."


The new lemonade line comprises two SKUs, Raspberry Lemonade and Lemonade, and is produced and bottled by Country Pure Foods for Weis Markets. Constar International LLC is supplying Country Pure Foods with the 59-oz (1.89 L) PET carafes.


Joseph Koch, marketing director for Country Pure Foods, states that clear PET carafes are ideal for bottling refrigerated juices such as lemonade, limeade and orange juice. "The bright colors are appetizing and consumers are attracted to the product when they can see the juice," Koch opines. "A clear carafe is a wonderful marketing tool; the bright yellow, pink, and orange of the actual juice says more about quality than a printed carton ever can."


Constar also designed this clear PET carafe for better dispensing after purchase. The stock packaging was designed to be easy-to-grip design, and the plastic packaging material is shatter-resistant. The material-PET-also is BPA-free, can be easily recycled in most communities and also is designed to enable reuse by consumers. The carafe's square shape also makes efficient use of space on pallets, cubes and on the retailer or consumer's refrigerator shelf.




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