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March 11, 2015

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Tide, Bounce,  Downy go retro with vintage packaging
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Retro tide for web post

PR Newswire - In a bygone era when women wore dresses and high heels to carry their families' laundry in a wicker basket to their very first automatic washing machine, they turned to Tide for "the cleanest clothes possible." More than a half-century later, families still turn to Tide, now offered in more than two dozen liquid and powder formulas. While supplies last, Procter & Gamble (P&G) invites consumers to enjoya blast from the past with limited edition, retro-packaged Tide, Bounce and Downy available at Target in May.


"Technology has changed how we wash and dry our clothes and there are a multitude of products and formulas available, but then and now Tide remains the trusted choice for getting clothes clean," said Mark Christenson, Tide Brand Manager. "And now Tide customers can enjoy vintage packaging on the outside with today's performance inside each retro-themed package of Tide, Bounce and Downy."


The vintage packaging harkens back to Tide's early print advertising, which featured copy such as:

* Washday soaps? Jane tried ‘em all, And every new detergent. But, none matched Tide - and so she cried, "Please send some Tide! It's urgent!"

* Detergents, soaps, she tried them all and wasn't satisified... But now his shirts are dazzling clean! Smart girl ... she turned to Tide!


Today, the original Tide "washday soap" has morphed into multiple formulas, from Tide with Bleach to Tide TotalCare. Tide Coldwater recently became the first detergent ever to receive the new Green Good Housekeeping Seal.


"Since I can remember, my Mother has used Tide Detergent. From when we had the Maytag Ringer Washer to current day washer (1947 to 2010), Tide has always been her pick. It is now mine...," posted one user from Austin, Texas on


Tide, Bounce and Downy vintage packages will be available at Target beginning May 22 through June 10. Additional $1 off coupons for Tide and Bounce and 75 cent coupons for Downy will be featured in Sunday newspapers nationwide on May 29.

SOURCE: Procter & Gamble

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