Tough Times Can Bode Well for Old Brands

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Tough Times Can Bode Well for Old Brands

With the economy going so sour, one might think consumers would all be reaching for the cheapest stuff available – generics, house brands, and other low-buck stand-ins for the things we really prefer on our table.

Nope. Turns out there’s a somewhat counter-intuitive effect going on here. While it’s true, many people look for cheap generic stuff when the economy goes sour, such tumultuous conditions also create a great deal of anxiety and stress among people.

And when that happens, they tend to reach for stability – the things they know, the familiar, the standard. In other words, they go for the good old brands they’ve always bought.

Which can be good news for big brands with a rich history. And according to a recent article in UK newspaper the Independent Extra, such heritage brands often play it up for all it’s worth.

Makes perfect sense. Why not play the nostalgia card when things get rough? Take a look at the article. Good reading.

Photo by Joan Thewlis


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