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December 4, 2015

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Trends in ecommerce packaging center on design

A review of the best-read articles in 2015 about packaging for ecommerce reveals a decided interest in making a good impression with online or mobile shoppers. Our top three stories show multiple examples of creative packaging that please, as well as protect.

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#3. How do you get consumers to gush about your product on social media? Make the unwrapping experience so spectacular that people share the event with family, friends and acquaintances on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Research shows that this spurs others to buy the product, too.

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#2. Packaging design guru Nancy Brown from CBX talks about the power of packaging at the doorstep and sums up her advice this way: “When people shop online, they are rarely looking to duplicate the in-store experience. They expect something different. Let’s start giving it to them.” She makes a compelling argument that brands must do more to give online shoppers better experiences through their ecommerce packaging—and shares a couple examples of companies that are already performing above the norm.

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#1. Our top ecommerce packaging article of 2015 outlines four design trends for this fast-growing retail channel. Logistics expert Maria Haggerty from Dotcom Distribution talks about (1) pretty, branded boxes, (2) personalized notes, (3) going green and (4) cost- and space-efficient packaging.

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Bonus: Based on page views, packaging professionals also found value in this whitepaper from Sealed Air on the critical issue of Dimensional Weight. The new shipment pricing structure for small parcels has the potential to cost shippers an additional $550 million in 2016. While not technically an editorial article, this sponsored content shares information and insights that anyone responsible for ecommerce packaging needs to know.


Find new packaging solutions for ecommerce at WestPack 2016, Feb. 9-11 in Anaheim, CA.


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