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Udderly fantastic designUdderly fantastic design

John Kalkowski

March 11, 2015

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Udderly fantastic design
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Who says there is no creativity in the packaging world? With tens of thousands of new products being introduced worldwide each year, there are bound to be some winning packaging designs that strike the fancy of consumers. In our dilligent search for some of the best new packages, Packaging Digest is scanning the design blogs in the online world to help you find the most innovative roll-outs. Who knows? Maybe this new weekly feature in Monday's daily newsletter will inspire you to new levels of creativity.

This week,  the choice is Soy Mamelle's container, designed by Russian creative agency Kian. The soy milk product  borrows the source of its package from the real thing.  Soy Mamelle bottle adopts the form of a squeezable latex cow udder. To learn more about  this new packaging, visit the Core 77  design magazine and blog.

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