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January 30, 2014

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Unique closure Creates a Serving-Tray

Resize_20of_2090936-Imagem3.jpgThis upside-down package, called 1-Seal Kupa, is specifically designed to allow for the lid of the package to be used in upside-down position as a serving tray for the Arboga/Atria skivbarpastej (sliceable pâté). The design of the lid/tray of the packaging allows the vacuum seal to be broken while opening the container without damaging the meat product inside. This was accomplished by varying the thickness of the sides, notching the bottom, and utilizing moulded ridges for gripping the sides.

The 1-Seal Kupa is designed by Arta Plast AB, located in Tyreso, Sweden, a manufacturer of injection moulded plastic parts for food containers and medical devices. The production technique is injection moulding with IML. A robot insert the IML label into the mould, the mould closes and plastic is injected, the mould opens again and the robot takes from the mould the plastic lid with the IML label on it. This is quite standard, but the speciality is, that the patented 1-Seal technology allows for the package to be sealed using the in-mould label on the bottom tray as the sealing mechanism without an extra inner foil or membrane.

The key to the elimination of the generally required membrane is a combined PP lid and PP seal. By offering a pure PP sealing solution the need for an aluminium membrane seal isn’t necessary anymore, optimizing production efficiency, and expanding opportunities for recycling.

Resize_20of_2090936-Imagem2.jpgAt the same time, an ultra thin lid seal area allows for short sealing time and low sealing temperatures. The product can be pasteurized directly in the packaging which withstands autoclaving and hot filling, while the air and watertight tamper evident sealing secures the freshness of the products at the store and at home.
The packaging is user-friendly for opening and re-closing, heat tolerant and microwaveable, allows for the highest quality graphics through the in-mould label and is 100 % recycleable.

Note: As of October 1, I shall stay in a hospital for some surgery, which is estimated to take 21 days from my life in freedom. The good hospital promised me to arrange for an internet connection. So, depending  my physical and mental condition I will continue to post here at Excellence in Packaging. Don’t blame me when I fail.

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