Website redesigned to meet your needs

John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

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Website redesigned to meet your needs

People in packaging want a reliable source that delivers up-to-the-minute intelligence on the latest developments in packaging. To meet your needs, Packaging Digest has launched a redesigned website. And even though it’s only been available a few weeks, readership is up dramatically.

Recent studies have shown our site to be the industry’s preferred source for the latest online information. Now, we’ve taken additional steps to ensure the site is organized to guarantee efficient use of your time.

Too often, websites look the same every time you visit. But not We are committed to offering new content every business day. Because our readers have told us they want to see the latest innovations in packaging, we feature packaging design items at the top of the homepage. 

148648-CVXx_kalkowski.jpgWhat’s more, Zibb, an exclusive search engine from Reed Business Information, offers highly targeted searches for products/suppliers as well as industry information from across the web. Zibb delivers focused results, minimizing unrelated hits.

Meanwhile, the site offers digital versions of Packaging Digest’s most recent and archived issues.

We’ve also categorized content and advertising in 12 packaging channels our readers have identified as their most sought-after topic areas.

At the same time, Packaging Digest is utilizing the latest capabilities of Web 2.0. You will see a combination of industry facts and commentary in blogs by editors and industry experts. For packaging enthusiasts who want to offer their opinions, we’ve made it easy for you to express yourselves in our “Talk Back” feature or by commenting on blog postings.

The new site utilizes state-of-the-art web technology to deliver dynamic multimedia presentations that focus on your business interests. These include videos and podcasts developed by Packaging Digest. In addition, you can garner industry insights from a host of sponsored content that includes product advertising, white papers, PACK EXPO videos, webcasts and more.

If information is power, the new Packaging Digest site can be a mighty ally for you and your business. Check it out for yourself at

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