What does Kate Moss smell like?New fragrance in ornate bottle

David Bellm

April 2, 2015

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What does Kate Moss smell like?New fragrance in ornate bottle


Supermodel and Style Icon Kate Moss has introduced a new fragrance line, in an ornate bottle designed by Lutz Hermann.

The exotic look of the package aims to capture the personality of the fragrance, which its maker, Coty, describes as having a “glamorous, sensual and slightly transgressive seductive aura as the evening approaches … a mysterious, intriguing and rich 'Woody Floral' …luminous vibrancy of blue pepper and freesia enhanced by a caress of cashmere incense that envelops and entices …

No, we don’t have any idea what all that means either.

But hey, it’s a perfume. It’s not supposed to make sense. How about the packaging? “Capturing this 'night diamond' is a rich, dark blue box whose suggestion of a velvety texture is irresistible to touch” says a release by Coty. “Mysterious smoke makes its way seductively around the box and symbolizes this intriguing evening ritual during which she prepares herself for the night... “

Uhhhh .... the box smokes? And it requires a ritual? Dunno how that's going to go over with the missus.



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