When Packaging Goes Wrong

“Evil” packaging designs make us think we’re buying one thing but we’re actually purchasing something else.

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal

February 13, 2024

Watching this video makes my skin crawl. Who hasn’t experienced some of these packaging optical illusions that trick us into thinking we’re buying one thing but getting something else?

A few from this video that really hurt my soul:

• Packaging that makes food look fresher.

• Clearance stickers are strategically placed over expiration dates.

• Large pill bottles that are only filled halfway.

• What’s inside the package doesn’t match the pictures on the outside of the package.

• Big jugs of protein powder only filled halfway.

What packaging designs have you purchased that created some distrust with the company?

About the Author(s)

Meaghan Ziemba

Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

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