CD Duplication Company Promotes ‘Green’ Packaging

January 29, 2014

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CD Duplication Company Promotes ‘Green’ Packaging

Packaging products in the CD duplication industry have long been dominated by the consumption of plastic and paper, and Precision Disc (also known as Predisc), is proud to introduce new "green" packaging alternatives for their disc products.

Low-plastic and no-plastic packaging choices are at the forefront of their efforts with printable card-stock proving to be the best all-around material for their "greener" requirements. The end result is a completely recyclable product that is very attractive, versatile and durable, and can be supplied in a multitude of different configurations.

Leading the way for this CD duplication company is their line of printed "Eco" disc sleeves and disc jackets, plus their new Eco-Case with its revolutionary bio-degradable disc tray made from vegetable-based starch. "The traditional retail CD or DVD package was entirely comprised of plastic, paper and metal," explains General Manager Mike Arnold, "so we have worked hard to provide choices that reduce the negative impact on the environment."

While replacing plastics with recycled and bio-degradable products gets the bulk of the attention in the world of CD duplication, even the printing machinery and inks are being taken into greater consideration. The availability of vegetable based inks and waterless printing technology are quickly winning favor over old materials and technology. "We're now at the point where increasing demand is making the new 'greener' alternatives much more cost effective." Arnold concludes, "it's definitely an exciting development."

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About Precision Disc:
Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. is a family owned business located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. They are a full service manufacturer of optical media and specialize in replication, print, and packaging for all CD and DVD products.

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