Coldpack Gets WHO Approval for Vaccine Transport

January 29, 2014

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Coldpack Gets WHO Approval for Vaccine Transport

152535-syringe_blue_v2.jpgColdpack announced that it has been designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an approved vaccine transportation provider. Coldpack was selected based on its AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack's capability to help maintain and transport temperature-sensitive immunizations. Coldpack will debut the AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack to North America at WestPack 2009, the West Coast's largest packaging event.

According to the WHO, more than two million deaths have been averted by immunizations. However, more illnesses could be avoided if temperature-sensitive vaccines were transported and stored correctly. The efficacy of vaccines rests with maintaining optimal temperatures - typically between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit) - from the place of manufacture to the point of use. Ensuring that the cold supply chains remains stable presents a logistical challenge, especially in developing countries where immunizations are needed the most.

Coldpack's AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack technology received the WHO designation for successfully addressing the challenge of avoiding destructive temperature fluctuations in packaging. The solution was accomplished through Coldpack's award-winning patented technology, which offers superior thermal and air cushion protection. The key to the Coldpack AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack's ability to maintain constant temperature is found in AirLiner®, the company's insulated packaging product using internal heat-barrier technology. AirLiner is manufactured using layers of reflective barrier film that are sealed into a proprietary design, thereby blocking heat transfer and keeping vaccines protected longer.

"We are pleased to be designated by the WHO as an approved vaccine transportation provider," commented Coldpack CEO, Etienne P. Snollaerts. "We believe that the Coldpack AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack will make a real difference by allowing vaccines to extend to even the most remote locations. The fight against vaccine-preventable illnesses is a global issue, and we are proud to play a small role in the eventual eradication of many devastating diseases."

The Coldpack AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack ships and stores flat, saving on freight costs and warehouse storage. It is easily assembled based on illustrated instructions. The product features a table and thermometer for the user to determine the number of ice packs required based on ambient temperature; and is designed with self-gripping strips to allow users to carry it as a backpack. The Coldpack AntiFreeze Vaccine Backpack not only provides superior insulation, it also protects and cushions 400 percent better than Styrofoam, protecting vaccines even across the roughest and most inhospitable terrain of remote locations.

Source: Coldpack

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