Listeria contamination prompts apple recall

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Listeria contamination prompts apple recall



The Associated Press is reporting on a massive food recall underway in 36 states and Washington D.C. because of possible listeria contamination. Missa Bay, LLC, a subsidiary of New Jersey based Ready Pac Foods, has implemented the voluntary recall after listeria contamination was confirmed on Missa's apple processing equipment.

The packaged apple slices are sold at both the McDonalds and Burger King fast food chains as a healthy alternative to their other choices. The apple slices, along with Ready Pac vegetables and ready-to-eat salads, were also distributed to Wawa convenience stores and Wegman's supermarket chain.

There have been no illnesses reported to date. The apple slices, vegetables and salads have use-by dates of July 08 through August 20, printed on the packaging. For detailed information about the foods and locations that have been impacted, visit, or telephone (800) 800-7822.

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