My Pack Expo FOMO and Companies I’d Want to Visit

My Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is not seeing technology advancements, foregoing hands-on experiences, missing networking opportunities, and visiting automation and packaging suppliers of interest.

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal

September 6, 2023

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Pack Expo Las Vegas, which runs September 11-13, is an excellent gathering of packaging and processing professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts.

Year after year, this trade show serves as a one-of-a-kind resource of knowledge, networking, and innovation; however, and much to my regret, I am unable to attend this year’s show.

Thus, I am afflicted with the dreaded FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for the following reasons.

Exciting technology advancements and innovation.

Pack Expo showcases the latest advancements in packaging and processing technology and is a major "playground" for tech enthusiasts and industry professionals like myself. Missing out on the opportunity to witness cutting-edge machinery, robotics, and software applications is a tough pill to swallow.

The excitement of seeing the future of the packaging and processing industry in real time is a unique experience that I will regretfully miss.

Networking opportunities with well-known subject matter experts.

The networking potential at Pack Expo is exceptional. It’s where industry leaders, peers, and newcomers converge to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and expand their professional circles.

The chance to shake hands and rub shoulders with experts, engage in meaningful conversations, and make lasting connections is something I look forward to. Missing Pack Expo this year means missing out on these valuable opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. It also means missing the chance to catch up with long-term friends.

The educational aspect of Pack Expo is another major draw for attendees. The event features a wide array of seminars, workshops, and presentations led by top industry experts.

These sessions provide deep insights into market trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Not being able to attend these sessions means I am missing out on a wealth of knowledge that could have enriched my understanding of the industry and added value to my technical writing.

Hands-on experience with new products.

One of the show's highlights is the extensive product showcase where exhibitors display the latest products and solutions. This is a golden opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience with new products, compare offerings, and gather information for potential business opportunities and investments.

My wish list of hoped-for Pack Expo booth visits.

My FOMO is amplified knowing I can’t explore the various exhibits and learn more about what’s new in the industry. These are a few of the booths I was looking forward to visiting in alpha order:

Banner Engineering (Booth #SL-5907) will feature several of its products, including sensors, switches, emitters and receivers, and barcode readers.

FANUC's (Booth #C-5233) Wes Garrett will be presenting on Monday, September 11, about how labor challenges and increasing customer demands make it tough to stay ahead of the game. He’ll discuss scalable automation solutions that can be implemented quickly to maximize productivity and profits. His session will focus on how scalable automation will help you increase ROI, OEE, and improve your competitive position.

Festo (Booth #SL-6160) will showcase its UR+ certified multi-axis solutions for Universal Robots (UR). It’s unique in the UR collaborative ecosystem by allowing up to four additional axes of motion beyond the UR cobot’s six axes.

HowToRobot (Booth #SL-6990) helps companies navigate the world of robotics and automation to find solutions for their operations.

Olis Robotics (Booth #SU-8272) will be providing demos in PBC Linear’s booth of its Connect Edge device that reduces downtime through remote diagnostics and error recovery of PBC’s cobot’s part feeder. PBC’s Applied Cobotic’s part feeder enables shops to increase production with less operator intervention.

RND Automation (Booth #C-4205) engineers, designs, and manufactures robotic, packaging and assembly automation equipment.  The company’s offerings include horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machinery, automated assembly equipment, and robotic automation for the medical device, consumer product, and industrial device industries.

Tourmaline Enterprises (Booth #N-9929) will be showcasing its next-generation printer solution for industrial marking.

Finding inspiration and renewed motivation.

Attending Pack Expo isn’t just about acquiring information for my writing projects and social media content; it’s about being inspired and reinvigorated by the collective enthusiasm of industry professionals.

Observing the dedication and passion of fellow attendees reignites one’s commitment to the field. Missing the chance to be part of this vibrant community is a huge disappointment for me.

Business opportunities at Pack Expo.

Pack Expo serves not only as a hub for knowledge sharing but also as a bustling marketplace for business opportunities. It’s the arena where deals are struck, partnerships are forged, and business growth takes shape. It is killing me to know I will be missing out on potential collaborations and lucrative prospects.

A global stage for personal interactions.

The global presence of Pack Expo is special as participants come from all over the world. Not being able to attend this year means missing out on the chance to engage with international industry players in person, gain insights into global market dynamics, and foster cross-border collaborations.

Sure, I can always set up virtual meetings, but they can’t replicate the authenticity and depth of in-person interactions. The personal touch, the handshake, and the spontaneity of conversations that occur at in-person events like Pack Expo are irreplaceable.

Personal growth and development.

Pack Expo isn’t just about business; it’s also about personal growth and development. The exposure to diverse perspectives, the chance to step outside of my comfort zone, and the opportunity to develop new skills are all part of the experience. Missing out on these personal growth opportunities is only amplifying my FOMO.

Pack Expo serves as a barometer for industry insights and trends. Being absent means not seeing the shifts and transformations occurring in the world of packaging and processing. While I’ll be able to reach out to some of my connections for feedback, it’s not the same as witnessing it in person.

Pack Expo will be a significant event for those in packaging and processing. My sense of FOMO isn’t just about missing out on a trade show; it’s about missing the chance to be part of a dynamic, innovative, and thriving community of brands making a difference. I am also upset about missing the opportunities to learn and network. Not being able to go to Vegas is a bummer too, but I digress.

I am looking forward to the content that other subject matter experts will create, and I look forward to attending the next one and connecting with some of you!

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Meaghan Ziemba

Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

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