New Patented Velteko Reclosing Systems

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November 24, 2014

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New Patented Velteko Reclosing Systems

Opening new doors on bag reclosing systems

Velteko is known throughout the industry as vertical packaging machine experts and constantly strives to improve and perfect the vertical packaging machine process.  Their innovative and problem-solving “vertical thinking” abilities not only refer to the manufacture of vertical packaging machines, but also to the improvement of the bags and reclosing systems their machines create.  Velteko innovation in this area includes the three newly patented reclosing systems that were recently presented by Velteko at this year’s Interpack Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.  All three reclosing systems have been designed for the HSV series of Velteko vertical packaging machines. 

“Full access” reclosing system

The “Grand Opening" zipper is a new Velteko patented zipper reclosing system for quad seal standing bags (type “F”) and flat bottomed bags (type “C” and “D”).  This new invention leads the packaging industry by providing unrestricted access to the FULL contents of the bag.  With the Grand Opening, consumers now have the means to easily and effectively scoop out whatever quantity of product they require. Application of this new zipper system does not decrease packaging speed and can be implemented on Velteko HSV series machines.

The “Grand Opening" zipper is a perfect reclosing system for big piece products, cereals, snack food, pasta and pet food.

Viable alternatives to Tin Tie

The Tin Tie reclosing system is an overwhelming success in the packaging industry and is available on HSV series Velteko machines.  As viable and practical alternatives to this winning system, Velteko engineers have invented and patented the “Roll Tie” and “Cross Tie” reclosing systems.  These new systems are available on Velteko quad seal standing bags (type “F”) and flat bottomed bags (type “C” and “D”), and require just 3 steps to open and reclose!  Access to bag contents, and their consequent reclosing, is now more convenient and trouble-free than ever.  Installation of either reclosing system on the HSV series of Velteko packaging machines is inexpensive and trouble-free.

Both the "Cross Tie" and "Roll Tie" reclosing systems are perfect for the packaging of coffee, tea, cereals, snack food and pasta.

The addition of these three new reclosing systems demonstrates the constant attention to innovation and product development that Velteko is known for throughout the global packaging industry. 

Velteko – Think Vertically

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