New Product Packaging Completed for Fertilizer Maker

January 29, 2014

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New Product Packaging Completed for Fertilizer Maker

Converted Organics announced that production of labels and packaging for its lawn and turf organic fertilizer product line, including those for its 2.5 gallon liquid fertilizer jugs, was recently completed, and that production of Smartcube packaging for its flower and garden organic fertilizer products will be finalized next week.

Converted Organics produces valuable all-natural, organic soil amendment or fertilizer products through food waste recycling. The company uses proven, state-of-the-art technologies to create a product that helps grow healthier food and improve environmental quality. Converted Organics plans to sell and distribute its environmentally-friendly fertilizer products in the retail, turf management, and agribusiness markets.

“Completing production of our 2.5 gallon packaging increases Converted Organics’ opportunity in the turf market by opening the door for us to ship product to turf customers not able to utilize our larger 275 gallon totes or truckload shipments,” said Robert C. Bayliss, Director of Manufacturing Operations for Converted Organics. “We expect to fill our liquid organic fertilizer packaging and distribute the product to customers within the next ten days, and we will subsequently embark upon packaging and shipping our granular organic fertilizer in Smartcube packages.”

According to the company, Converted Organics is the sole user of the proprietary Smartcube packaging within the lawn and garden arena. The Smartcube packaging is unique due to its ability to stand upright and square. This ability maximizes presentation of the product, creating an instant “billboard” and a ready-made store display directly from the delivery pallet. The cube shape also reduces waste and maximizes the efficiency of storage and transportation.

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