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Nintendo Drives Packaging and Printing Firm's GrowthNintendo Drives Packaging and Printing Firm's Growth

Bill Esler

April 2, 2015

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Nintendo Drives Packaging and Printing Firm's Growth

Duplium Corp. says it is expanding printing and assembly capacity, riding the wave of immense popularity for Nintendo Wii Duplium Printing and PackagingNintendo Wii and handheld DS video games. The Dallas-based company, which says it is North America's largest Nintendo Certified packaging and printing facility (outputting up to 368,000 discs a day), announced last week that it has expanded into a number of new major North American markets. It also has grown capacity for its fully automated Nintendo Wii game packaging assembly capacity, and its semi-automated Nintendo DS game packaging assembly capacity, in an effort to expedite turn times for the two products. With facilities in Dallas and Toronto, the company provides the fulfillment supply chain link between manufacturers and retailers.
“As far as we can tell, 2009 will be another big year for the Nintendo platforms,” said Ryan Anderson, director of North American sales for Duplium. "Traditionally in down economies gaming software sales remain strong. It is my personal opinion that the Wii will excel out of all the platforms in 2009 because its family friendly, and interactive."
Duplium handles DVD duplication, CD duplication, DVD/CD replication, media packaging, digital printing, DVD printing, fulfillment and distribution, as well as silk screening and labeling. In August, the company says it was Nintendo Certified. This, the firm says, provides benefits for both the company and its other clients, since it will have the authorization to assemble and package raw materials for Nintendo products consumers purchase in stores. The firm's home base is 15 minutes from headquarters of a GameStop, 30 minutes from a Blockbuster, major distributors of the products it is printing and packaging. See the Duplium operation here.

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