March 11, 2015

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The new SP4000 palletizer with bi-parting stripper apron is a small footprint palletizer capable of forming complex patterns with gaps in both directions. The co.'s product manager controls package offers users an easy-to-operate palletizer that will meet current and future pattern needs, the co. says. Features of the palletizer include an articulating row pusher bar and centering side layer guides with Smart Squeeze technology. The bi-parting stripper apron, combined with the case stops in the row forming area allows the palletizer to create gaps front-to-back and side-to-side in a layer. The unit has an articulating row pusher bar that maintains a square position against the row of product, for even and consistent contact with the product. Centering side layer guides with Smart Squeeze technology recognize the correct orientation of the product pattern and work to maintain product integrity. The SP4000 palletizer is also said to be ideal for both new and retrofitting applications, especially where there are floorplan layout constraints.

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