Spectacular packaging for Green Tea Nutritional Shots

January 29, 2014

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Spectacular packaging for Green Tea Nutritional Shots

148178-pdx0611dtrends3.jpgWith their tall, sleek bottles and spectacular shrink- sleeve labels, Green Tea Nutritional Shots™ from Robeks Corp., Manhattan Beach, CA, are shelf standouts. Green Tea Nutritional Shots are ready-to-drink herbal, vitamin and mineral blends of organic, green tea, which has long been popular in Asian cultures for its health benefits. The tea delicately combines vitamins, minerals and herbs to create four life-enhancing blends—Energy, Immunity, Antioxidant and Fat Burner—each infused with its own proprietary herb and/or fruit extract formula.

Key to the design are four colorful, polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) heat-shrinkable sleeves from Ameri-Seal Inc. (www.ameri-seal.com) that are each printed in three colors on gravure presses. The tall, slender, 25-oz bottles narrow drastically at the top, making PETG the perfect choice, because, according to Ameri-Seal, that film's shrink ratio is greater than that of more-traditional polyvinyl chloride. Ameri-Seal also contract-sleeves the bottles at its Chatsworth, CA, location using heat/steam tunnels. This service, along with Ameri-Seal supplying the customer with materials, cuts costs and saves time.

Green Tea Nutritional Shots sell for $29.95 in Robeks Juice stores located around the country, and they can be ordered directly from the company. The recommended serving size is 1 oz, which the company suggests adding to your favorite smoothie during your next visit to a Robeks Juice store.

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