The Complete Paint Roller Bagging System

March 11, 2015

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The Complete Paint Roller Bagging System


Ronkonkoma - May 30, 2007 All Packaging Machinery Corporation of Ronkonkoma, NY is pleased to announce the latest adaptation of our traditional Packmaster: the Rollmaster. The Rollmaster is a compact vertical form, fill and seal machine designed specifically for the packaging of paint roller covers. This new paint roller bagging system works with center-folded polyethylene and shrink film, both plain and preprinted in many different roll widths and mil thicknesses. It features our standard Packmaster platform along with a conveyorized roller infeed, automatic cycling option, electric eye for printed film and uphill conveyor for easy product exiting. The compact and user friendly footprint is an added benefit of the system. The Rollmaster’s dimensions measure 53” wide, 83” deep, and 60” high. The ability to load and unload from the same side enables the machine to be placed for optimal work flow and floor space savings. A digital temperature controller works to maintain precise heat settings of up to 500° +/- 2°. This computer control of sealing temperature ensures easy setup, quality seals and consistent performance. Its smokeless and odorless sealing design can form, fill, and seal up to 30 single, double, or triple packages of paint rollers per minute, significantly reducing labor and material costs as compared to hand bagging. The Rollmaster produces packages 9” long with a 3/8” or ½” nap. It is expertly designed for rapid product changeover and continuous operation for maximum output with minimum downtime. Optional print registration is available for printed film or you can utilize the PLC with digital readings for precise cut off length. The heavy duty construction utilized throughout the Packmaster is duplicated in the Rollmaster for use in high production areas. As an added benefit, noise levels are significantly reduced during the sealing cycle as a result of our unique engineering design. The significant saving of labor is realized since the Rollmaster is designed to automatically make, fill, close and discharge the completed package. The operator's only function is the placement of the product into the automatically made bag. In addition, easily adaptable automated infeeds and outfeeds are available to create a complete packaging system. Compressed Air Required, 90 PSI, Electric110V, 60 Cycle, Single Phase About All Packaging Machinery All Packaging Machinery Corporation has been proudly serving the Packaging Industry for over 60 years. It was established back in 1945 and was known as Errich Machinery until 1982. APM manufactures a full line of high speed rotary band sealing machines, tabletop sealers and bag loaders. Models include validatable sealers for use in sealing medical pouches and USDA approved sealers for food products. APM also manufactures vertical form, fill, and seal machines using centerfold film. The level of quality and expertise that comes with such extensive experience is truly evident in our dependable and simple to use machinery. (BOLD) All Packaging Machintery Booth,C2111

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