Healthcare Packaging News and Top Issues July 2023

Tornado destroys Pfizer warehouse, Tyvek pouch for steam sterilization, USP packaging updates, ISO 11607 Part 2 insights, more.


Packaging departments of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers need to keep up with regulatory updates, sustainability solutions, new technologies, and major issues impacting their packaging decisions. On a regular basis, Packaging Digest finds and reposts related healthcare packaging news, videos, and opinions found on social media, with the most recent “find” at the top.

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Tornado rips through Pfizer plant storing raw materials, packaging supplies, and medication.


Tyvek peelable pouch for steam sterilization.


SBA addresses how to open sterilized packaging.


AI-created heat- and chemical-resistant proteins could benefit medical packaging.

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Watch your language.

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PDA revises report on glass container manufacturing.

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USP committee to vote on pharmaceutical packaging updates.

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Pharma packaging global forecast to 2027.

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New Viridian vials reduce waste and carbon emissions.

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Pharmaceutical packaging testing equipment market to reach $4.7 billion.

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ISO 11607 Part 2 through the lens of packaging verification and validation.

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Upcoming trends in medical packaging films.

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Today’s medical waste is tomorrow’s packaging.

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