Additive improves clarity and performance in PET packaging

Posted by Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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Additive improves clarity and performance in PET packaging
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ColorMatrix, a subsidiary of PolyOne Corp. and a global leader in299571-B_Additive_improves_Amosorb_jpg.jpg

B - Additive improves - Amosorb .jpg

liquid color and additives for plastics, today launched AmosorbTM Plus, a high-performance oxygen scavenging solution for PET packaging. Amosorb Plus offers enhanced container clarity to help customers achieve aesthetic and recyclability goals.
PolyOne is featuring Amosorb Plus and additional ColorMatrix specialty solutions at Chinaplas 2013 this week in booth 11.2E21.

"As part of our ongoing efforts to satisfy marketplace needs, we developed the next generation of improved clarity oxygen scavenging technologies," explained Steve Chai, managing director for Asia Pacific, ColorMatrix. "Amosorb Plus offers customers the proven protection they have come to expect from AmosorbTM, with improved aesthetics, superior optical clarity and reduced haze for enhanced recyclability."

Because it is based on a previously approved technology, Amosorb Plus does not require the complex regulatory approval procedures of a completely new material, allowing customers to improve speed to market while also enhancing performance.

Amosorb Plus is a crystallized PET-based concentrate with a built-in catalyst to promote oxidation. It offers product protection for non-carbonated foods and beverages for up to six months or longer, depending on the container design. With Amosorb Plus, customers can tailor shelf life while reducing container weight for raw material and transportation savings.

"Our customers are looking for materials that deliver added value in addition to first-class product protection. This solution accomplishes both objectives. It helps improve container clarity, a growing requirement for products like teas and fresh fruit juices, while maximizing recyclability with reduced haze characteristics that are in line with global requirements for sustainable packaging solutions," added Chai.

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