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Bandage package takes on role of soliciting donors

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Bandage package takes on role of soliciting donors
Help Remedies bone-marrow registry pack


Help Remedies bone-marrow registry pack

Adhesive bandages are used to mend minor cuts, scrapes and other injuries. Recently, Help Remedies launched a bandage package that aims to heal on a larger scale.


"help I've cut myself & I want to save a life" bolsters a pack containing Help's standard adhesive bandages with a bone marrow donor registry kit (consisting of a pamphlet, sterile cotton swabs and a postage-paid envelope); a rubber band bearing the kit's name is wrapped around the pack alerting shoppers to the potentially life-saving contents. The idea is to engage shoppers by inviting them to step up and help others in need.


According to Help CEO Richard Fine, "This is a simple and smart idea: By making registration a part of what people are already doing, we think we can get more people to register, and in doing so, help save lives."


The package (produced by Plastic Ingenuity) is a paper-pulp clamshell (composed of 100-percent post-industrial waste) and an overmolded border/clasp of corn-based Plastarch resin.

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